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Want to advertise on a site whose visitors are fanatically driven endurance athletes who live to train, paddle, and…at some point or another… buy stuff related to paddling?  Of course you do.

Thousands of paddlers visit Riding Bumps each month. Our readership is an ultra-niche, devoted, group of avid paddle racers. Now is your chance to advertise directly to them.

Normal people should stop reading now but if you are a marketing professional who wants to advertise with us and you  need to convince the boss that we are more than  just another fly by night paddle website, email us and we will send you our media kit.

Advertising with Riding Bumps starts as low as $50.00 per month. That is probably half of what your company will spend on gas this week and 5 times as beneficial.

Please email us if you want in.


Matt and Roch


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