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A few years back, we had a Q and A column in Triathlete magazine called “Dear Coach.”  As time rolled on and our personal and professional focus shifted to paddle racing and coaching, we found was that we were receiving the same exact questions we did when we did the Dear Coach column. The same exact questions. They are so frighteningly similar that some of the old Dear Coach questions are included in this forum for your enjoyment.

People always ask us are the questions on this site real? We can assure you, this stuff is not made up.

So, lets do it. Please ask us anything about SUP and paddleboard racing, training, or nutrition. Anything goes.

All of the questions are answered by the Riding Bumps book authors and the Ask Us Anything Team. Be sure to follow us on twitter or Facebook; or sign up for our newsletter and we will deliver new Q and A to you a few times each month.

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