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. CarboPro Hydra C5 : When in doubt put a scoop or two in your bottle and go. It has everything you need. Nutrition is the number one issue we see when we look at the training programs of paddlers. Don’t overthink your nutrition or make it more difficult than it needs to be.
. Riding Bumps 9 or 16 week ebook training program : You have the book – now it is time to dial in your training with one of our ebook training programs. NOW IS THE TIME. It takes a while to properly build your fitness. Don’t do like everyone else does and try to cram everything in 6 weeks before your race. Flatwater, downwind, ultradistance, and middle distance programs are available. Use coupon code NOWISTHETIME at checkout to get 10% off until 12/25/14
. An inflatable SUP: this year we made the statement that every serious SUP racer needs an inflatable board. If you are in the market, check out these boards from XTERRA. If you poke around online you can even find 2 for 1 coupons from Xterra from time to time.
. Cobian GTS Draino Sandals: If you made it this far we have to assume that you go in the water from time to time. Chances are that from time to time you also come out of the water. How about a pair of sandals that was designed for the water athlete. With a patented draino system, this sandal sheds water which is exactly what you want when you are stumbling around trying to get your sandals on.
. Scosche Rhythm Plus heart rate monitor: If you are a SUP paddler and you want to paddle without your shirt you are going to need something other than a chest strap because nobody wants to look at you paddling half naked with a chest strap. If you are a prone paddler you know that a chest strap is a nonstarter. The Scosche monitor is the only monitor we have found that will reliably allow you to measure your heart rate while prone paddling. This is an ANT+ monitor so it will pair with your Garmin or other ANT+ enabled GPS.
. Surftech Commander Prone Paddleboard: 2014 saw a resurgence in interest in the sport of prone paddle boarding. Few would disagree that this board played a role in increasing the awareness of prone paddle boarding - especially among SUP athletes. This board wasn't just an awareness builder. It is the same board that Jack Bark and others took to the podium in numerous races and it is the same board you will hear paddler after paddler talk about when they repeat the mantra "this board catches any bump!"
. LiftSUP handle: if you think a handle is a handle is a handle. Think again. We have been sputtering on about these handles for a few years now. If our sputtering is not enough to get you to go retrofit the crummy handle on your board and/or write to your favorite manufacturer to makes these things standard, check them out in action at 3:31 in this video . Now you get it? Even if you don't plan on getting your face smashed and your shoulder ripped at Salt Creek next year, you should still consider a retrofit. That advice is especially directed at paddlers who are having any difficulty lugging their board around.
. Black Project Maliko SUP race fin: If you are a flatwater or downind racer you might check out this new fin from Black Project. According to our editor Chris Hill, "I was thoroughly surprised by the amount of difference the Maliko fin and the Epic Pro 95 paddle had in head-to-head GPS comparisons with my normal fin and paddle. I thought it would be nominal but both my personal feel and the data supported noticeable increases in speed. Pretty cool."
. Oakley Photochromic Lenses: Yeah yeah yeah. We all remember the cheesy transitions lenses commercials from the 90’s but Oakley just came out with a line of transition lenses that every paddler should check out. Nothing is worse than going paddling when it is cloudy and then needing sunglasses later in the paddle when the sun comes out. In our testing, the transitions lenses allowed us to to see and paddle early in the morning and they got dramatically darker as the sun came out. It is like having 2 pairs of glasses in one.
. Xterra Lava Flow Pants: A great entry into the neoprene pant category. We are currently using them for SUP and prone workouts on cool days. Here is our full review


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