Personal Paddle Race Coaching

With years of endurance sports and coaching experience, Riding Bumps coaches are now available to work with you to develop a personalized coaching program that will help you achieve your paddling goals.

Personal Coaching with Jay Wild: Jay is a professional paddle athlete with years of paddle coaching and training experience. With a focus on technique and efficiency, Jay accepts paddle athletes of all abilities to his coaching program. After an initial goals assessment and assessment of your paddling experience and abilities, Jay will work with you to develop a program that will help you accomplish your goals. Jay’s focus is on athletes looking for a long term commitment but is available to help develop shorter programs to help you achieve your short term goals. Athletes working with Jay can expect:

  • Thorough initial fitness assessment and discussion which include initial and ongoing video analysis of your paddle stroke and  development of a periodized training program that considers your priority races and other life challenges
  • Weekly phone calls to discuss your progress and development.
  • Expert advice regarding equipment selection
  • Race performance analysis including evaluation of heart rate and GPS data if available
  • Pre-race planning discussion to discuss race tactics and specifics regarding your priority race(s)
  • Unlimited email availability any time you have questions about your program, racing, or training.

To schedule an initial evaluation and discuss personal coaching with Jay Wild, please email us for more information.

Personal Coaching with Roch Frey: With over 20 years endurance coaching experience including triathlon, adventure racing, and paddling, Roch Frey is a coaching name that is recognized around the world. Roch’s paddle coaching program is limited to elite and professional athletes with special consideration for serious up and coming young athletes who want to make a name for themselves and a difference in the the sport.

For more information about personalized coaching please email us for more information.

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