Video Education

Prone Paddelboarding Essential Techniques:  This video covers all of the techniques that the beginner and intermediate paddler must know  to go fast and prevent injury before they race or train on a prone paddleboard. We even cover all of the mistakes new paddlers make including swinging the arms too wide, dropped elbows, poor board position, poor reach, the long stroke, bouncing up and down on their knees, poor cadence while knee paddling, paddling with a dead upper body, and many more.  Click here for a full description and additional ordering information. Price:  $34.99

Learn to SUP surf with Chuck Glynn: Make no mistake. Learning to surf can be difficult. If you are like us you want to get better in as little time possible. To do that you need someone who 1) knows what they are doing 2) knows how to teach and 3) hasn’t forgotten what it was like to to learn to surf. Professional SUP surfer and competitive SUP racer is one of the best in the business.

The entire video is organized into a progression of techniques and tips you can follow to become a better surfer. Many of the paddlers we talk with ask “what do I do next to progress” or “what should I work on today to get better.” Both of those questions are answered in the video. If you have hit a plateau with your surfing or don’t know where to go next, simply follow the progression in the video. Once you master each trick move on to the next.

Chuck breaks each trick down into it’s individual parts so you can see, hear, and understand what is going on. Each video has all of the slow motion examples and discussion you will need to progress your surfing. Click ere for a full description and additional ordering information. Price $34.99


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